Monkey Market

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Ready to swing into the world of fresh produce, customer satisfaction, and adorable monkey management? Buckle up, because Monkey Market is about to take you on a busy ride through the bustling aisles of a banana-filled supermarket!

How To Play Monkey Market

Your cute monkey character will automatically dive into various tasks, from planting seeds to working the cash register.
Sell bananas, peanuts, eggs – the market thrives on a diverse assortment of products.
As customers snatch up your goodies, make a beeline for the cash register to collect those hard-earned coins.
Unlock new aisles and expand your product range.
Hire assistants and invest in fancy appliances.
Improve your managing skills, unlock workstations, and teach your monkey staff the tricks of the trade.

It’s a jungle out there, and you’re the king of commerce. Let’s start selling like a real monkey can!

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