Sims 4 Jobs

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Just like real us, Sims need to make a living. Know what that means? Time to find a job! Luckily, there are plenty to choose from in the game. Sims 4 jobs will give you a chance to fulfill your wildest, boldest dreams or just rake in a few extra dollars working part-time. So, what’s it gonna be?

How To Find A Job in Sims 4

• Flip through the newspaper landing on your porch every morning. There must be something interesting to check out!
• Browse the job section on your computer. The ads you’ll find there are a little bit different from what they post in that vacancies column.
• Go out and hit various city buildings. See what they have there!

Work, Sweet Work

Once you’re hired, you’re in for a strict schedule. Every morning (or day, or night, depending on the job you found), at a certain hour, there will be a car at your door, waiting to take you to your place of employment. Make sure to brush your teeth, eat your breakfast, and take your dog out for a walk before that! After long and productive work hours, you’ll get your sweet, sweet money (yeah, in Sims 4, you get paid every day, and ain’t that awesome?) and maybe some bonuses if you work real hard. Promotions (or demotions), overtimes, social benefits – it’s all here, you just have to find the right job!

How To Get Better At Sims 4 Jobs

📈 Balance Your Stress Levels: When your Sim gets overworked, their stress levels rise and performance drops accordingly, no matter how hard you keep working. Give yourself a break and watch some TV on the job, just not too much!
💻 Take Work Home: There is nothing better for easing the workload and getting a little bit better standing with your management than doing some extra work in your free time.
✅ Complete Special Tasks: Each job comes with special tasks that considerably speed up your career progress and drop some extra Simleons into your virtual pocket. Take advantage of them!

Sims 4 jobs can make you both rich and happy if you work them right. So, hit that ‘J’ key, step into the fascinating world of corporate life and part-sgg sb time gigs, and may your salary keep growing along with your Sims addiction!

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