Sims 4 University Cheats

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So, you decided to go all academic in The Sims 4 and enter that university. It’s a lot of stress and a lot of fun! And you know what? With these great Sims 4 University cheats, it’s gonna be way less stressful and way more fun! So, what exactly can you do with them? Let’s see!

Sims 4 University Cheats For All

• University.acceptallapplications true allows you to enroll in college without breaking a sweat.
• University.Finish_Term instantly wraps up the term, giving you a fast pass to the next academic adventure.
• University.Graduate turns your Sim into a graduate, either with a current or perfect GPA.
• University.Accept_all_Degrees lets you join distinguished programs even if you’re not quite qualified.
• University.Award_all_Degrees gives your Sim every degree in the book.

Max Out Skills and Careers

With the new extension, skills and careers got a major upgrade. And Sims 4 University cheats allow you to benefit from them to the max. Want to become a genius of computer engineering and watch your Sim’s tech skills skyrocket? Or maybe you’ve always dreamed to put on a lawyer’s suit or don the robe of a judge? How about shaping young minds as a college professor? Use careers.promote career and type in the desired value to make academia your playground!

Join Fancy Socieiteis

Becoming a member of just about any university society without meeting the requirements? Absolutely! Land a spot in the Art Society, join the brainstorming at the Debate Guild, or plunge into the mystical wonders of the virtual world with the Spirits Corps in one single click. Just type traits.equip_trait, add the name of the organization you’re digging and welcome to the cool kids’ club!

Sims 4 University cheats make virtual college life a total blast. Try them right now and see for yourself! May your grades keep improving, and your extracurricular activities never stop rocking!

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