Sims 4 University Degrees

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There were times our Sims were roaming the virtual world uneducated and ignorant. These times are gone! With Sims 4 University degrees, you can get just about any kind of education – and turn it into a source of income! The school year is about to begin, you’d better get ready!

Choose Your College

Your Sim’s life achievements are under the microscope, and judgment day arrives with that acceptance letter. If your Sim’s been rocking it academically and socially, scholarships and distinguished degree programs in college could be in the cards. If you’re an artsy type, welcome to Britechester. Those with the right mind for science and tech are welcome at Foxbury.

Pick Your Major

• Fine Art: Painting, sculpting, creating beauty – that’s the essence of Fine Art. Your Sims can become the next virtual Picasso or Michelangelo, one brushstroke at a time.
• Biology: Calling all science geeks! Biology is your ticket to unraveling the mysteries of life. Get ready to dissect, discover, and maybe even create your own virtual life form.
• Communications: Smooth talkers and social butterflies, this one’s for you. Master the art of communication, from persuasive speeches to the perfect emoji usage.
• Computer Science: Embrace the digital revolution! Computer Science is where coding dreams come true. Build virtual worlds, program robots, or just figure out why your Sim’s computer keeps crashing.
• Culinary Arts: Foodies, rejoice! Culinary Arts is your gateway to becoming a virtual Gordon Ramsay. Whip up culinary masterpieces and maybe even perfect the art of the grilled cheese.
• Drama: Lights, camera, action! Drama is the stage where Sims become thespians. From Shakespearean tragedies to improv comedy, it’s time to unleash your inner drama llama.

Cheating Allowed!

Applying for school in The Sims 4 University is a rollercoaster of emotions, decisions, and academic twists. It’s your Sim’s journey, and whether it’s arts, science, or the unexpected, the thrill of the university experience awaits. Time to hit the books and dive into the Sim academic adventure!

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