My Virtual House

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Who said dollhouses are just for kids? This one will surely keep you hooked up no matter how much of an adult you are. Get ready to dive into a delightful virtual haven of My Virtual House with features and surprises that your childhood dollhouse could only dream of!

What’s Up in My Virtual House?

Plunge into the life of the cutest virtual family living in the cutest dollhouse ever.
Forget just rooms and furniture – meet extras like a swimming pool, garage, and more.
Click, swipe, and explore every nook and cranny.
Interact with objects in the house and see what comes out of it.
From daily routine to relationship rollercoaster to fun adventures, it’s a new story every day.

Ready to Play? The door of My Virtual House is wide open, and you’re welcome to step inside. What’s the first day of your virtual life gonna be like? That’s up to you!

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